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Tigers looking for homecoming win over Savanna

photo by Hannah Ward

The Wewoka Tigers are 1-5 (1-3) on the season so far. The Tigers have had to fight through many injuries, eligibility issues and more. The Tigers will be taking on the Savanna Bulldogs Thursday night. The Bulldogs are coached by Ricky Cherry and are 1-5 (1-3) on the season.

Wewoka is averaging 13 PPG this season and giving up 43 PPG. Savanna is averaging 11 PPG and also giving up 43 PPG.

The Tigers and Bulldogs, on paper, look evenly matched. It is Homecoming week for Wewoka and the Tigers are looking to get their second win of the season. Wewoka has not lost to Savanna since they joined the district 2 seasons ago.

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